Puzzles are an ever-popular form of entertainment and we at Eye to Eye Puzzles are dedicated to giving readers the puzzles they enjoy at a price that’s right. Our healthy sales figures and increasing market share show that readers appreciate our commitment to quality and value

Guy Haslam, Managing Editor, Eye to Eye Puzzles


Eye to Eye Puzzles Ltd has doubled its share of the UK’s puzzle magazine market in just five years. Our portfolio of more than 50 monthly titles includes our brands – Family, Select, Puzzle World and Lucky Seven – as well as own-brand titles for supermarkets, including Tesco, ASDA and Morrisons. The range includes kids’ puzzles and straightforward wordsearches and crosswords, all the way through to tricky sudokus and cryptic crosswords.

Our goal is to give readers the best value possible without compromising on quality




Our flagship mixed puzzle title is Puzzle World, a friendly and entertaining mix of all the best types of puzzles to keep even the most ardent puzzler happy. Its unique Your Puzzle World section contains puzzles sent in by the readers themselves and our Puzzle Doctor is ‘on call’ to answer all our readers puzzle-related queries. And with £2,500 to be won every month too, Puzzle World has proved to be a winner with puzzle fans.



Wordsearches are Britain’s most popular puzzles and we publish 12  wordsearch magazines, including our flagship title Family Wordsearch Jumbo. With its trademark jumbo elephant and sales of more than 20,000, it’s a firm favourite with readers is great value for money and is friendly and approachable.



A staple of many puzzle magazines, the crossword remains as popular as ever. Our seven crossword titles cover the range of puzzles from easy to hard, but our biggest seller, Lucky Seven Crossword Collection, offers an unbeatable selection of giant straightforward crosswords. The Lucky Seven brand is all about offering keenly priced puzzles that outdo our rivals.



Sudoku puzzles took the world by storm 10 years ago, and while the excitement has let up a little since then,  dedicated sudoku fans will enjoy testing their skills with any of our seven sudoku magazines, including Select Sudoku. Featuring dozens of sudokus from easy to fiendish, it is elegantly presented with whiter paper and a book-like feel.



Many puzzlers like their puzzles by genre, but there’s also a thriving market in mixed puzzle titles, with an array of word, number, logic and picture puzzles inside. Among our team of seven mixed puzzle titles is our seasonal Puzzle Annual Special, which contains numerous different puzzles in its bumper 164 pages.



Take a normal crossword grid and put all the answers’ letters into code. That’s the challenge facing solvers – to unlock the code and fill in the grid. ASDA Codewords, like our other codeword titles, offers the reader easy to tricky puzzles. And like our other ASDA-branded magazines, it has an unbeatable cover price, too.



Criss cross puzzles, otherwise known as ‘word fits’, are like word jigsaws – the solver is given a list of themed words and is challenged to fit them into the empty squares in the grid. Morrisons Criss Cross is just one of our criss cross titles that gives the reader good value, no-nonsense content in a friendly format.



Arroword puzzles have the clues inside the grid – you just follow the arrows to fill in the answers. Tesco Handy Arrowords contains dozens of arrowords and comes in a handy size to fit the pocket or handbag. Tesco customers enjoy a range of both our handy magazines and our ‘full size’ ones, making a  total of 14 great-value monthly titles.

Nearly three-quarters of the UK population do some sort of puzzle each week, from newspaper crosswords and teasers to puzzles in magazines, on mobiles and online

SOURCE: Ipsos Mori


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